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2019-2020 Season Upcoming Auditions and Casting


Michelle Ogletree, Artistic Assistant at


  • YOUTH GENERAL AUDITIONS Sunday, June 23, 2019  4pm-6pm 

YOUTH Ages 6-12.  (Only come to generals if you have not participated in the Young Performers Program.) Youth will be auditioning for Dew of Mercy, the holiday show.

  • ADULT GENERAL AUDITIONS Sunday, June 23, 2019  6pm-10pm

WHAT TO PREPARE: Adult and Youth Artists must prepare a 1 ½ minute monologue. Artists auditioning for musical productions must be prepared to sing acapella and the artist should be able to move well.

*Please note that all participants MUST bring a headshot and résumé to the auditions and/or callbacks.  You MUST schedule and confirm your attendance.

All production directors will be present for the auditions therefore all artists must audition either at the general auditions or the call backs to be considered for roles.  CALLBACKS ARE ONLY FOR those who received a callback from the general audition on June 23rd and those who performed in any Ensemble Theatre main stage production.

Michelle Ogletree, Artistic Assistant at

Please email the TIME you would like to audition and a CONTACT PHONE NUMBER.  Auditions are scheduled strictly on a first come first served basis.  If the time you select is already taken you will be placed in the next available spot.  In the SUBJECT LINE please place "Audition" with your "First and Last Name" and “Youth” if you are a child auditioning.

All auditions will be held at The Ensemble Theatre at 3535 Main Street, Houston, TX 77002.
(713) 807- 4320 (Casting Office Phone).



School Girls; Or, The African Mean Girls Play, Comedy/Drama
By Jocelyn Bioh, Directed by Eileen J. Morris
Rehearsal Dates: 8/10 - 9/13/19
Production run: 9/14 -10/13/19

Needed: 8 AA Women, (16- 60 yrs)
We would like women of direct African descent who maintain the language rhythm and African and African American actresses who can affect an African accent.

A separate audition for this production has already passed and we are no longer considering actors for this production.
The hive is buzzing at Ghana’s most exclusive boarding school as Paulina, the reigning queen bee has her sights set on the Miss Universe Pageant. Her glory is threatened when the arrival of Ericka, a new student with undeniable beauty and talent captures the attention of the pageant recruiter – and Paulina’s hive minded friends. This biting comedy explores the universal similarities of teenage girls across the globe who vie for a coveted social position among peers. How far would you go to be queen bee?

The Dew Of Mercy (working title--- Commissioned Musical)
 Book by Celeste Bedford Walker, Music Composed by Stephanie Blue
 Rehearsal Dates: 10/8 - 11/8/19
Production Run: 11/9 - 12/29/19  

  **Must Be Strong Singers and Dancers for Musicals**
Needed: 2 AAW (35 to 45 years) 1 AAW (to play 80 yrs), 1 AAW (55 to 65 yrs) 1 AAW (18 to 25yrs)
1 AAM (16 to 19 yrs), 1 AAM (55 to 65 yrs), 1 AA (35 to 50 yrs)
4 AA Youth (boys and girls 6 to 12 yrs)

The Ford and Brooks family members are celebrating Christmas at Granny Ursie’s house this year, which is old and in need of renovation. The undercurrent through all the holiday festivities is that the family is using this gathering to lovingly convince Granny to sell her home. The Dew of Mercy is a light and warmhearted story about family, faith, and forgiveness.

The Green Book, Drama
By Calvin Alexander Ramsey
Directed by Shirley Jo Finney
Rehearsal Dates: 12/19/19 - 1/17/20
Production Run: 1/18 - 2/23/20  

Needed: 1 AAM (35 to 55 yrs), 2 AAM (25 TO 35 yrs),
 1 Caucasian Male (30-45 yrs),
 1AAW (18 to 30 yrs), 1 AAW (35 to 45 yrs) 1 AAW (25 to 35 yrs)

Inspired by Victor Hugo Green’s historical “The Negro Motorist Green Book,” the setting takes place during a weekend when the Davis’ are celebrating the arrival of Dr. W. E. B.  DuBois for a lecture.  The appearance of a white visitor, who turns out to be a Jewish Holocaust survivor, sets off a chain of events that shows that racism and anti-Semitism cannot be ignored.  This play is an investigation of the impact of Civil Rights on contemporary American issues.

Autumn, Drama
By Richard Wesley, Directed by Eileen J. Morris
Rehearsal Dates: 2/11 - 3/13/20
Production Run: 3/14 – 4/12/20

Needed: 2 AA Male (50 to 65 yrs), 1AA Male (35 to 45 yrs),
1 AAW (35 to 45 yrs), 1 AAW (45 to 55 yrs)
1 Caucasian Male (45 to 55 yrs), 1 Caucasian Female (50 to 65 yrs)

By preeminent playwright, screenwriter & NYU professor Richard Wesley, Autumn tells the story of Franklyn Longley, a veteran big city mayor who is line to become the first Black governor of his state. He suddenly finds his place in history threatened when his party decides to throw its nomination behind a dynamic young politician who is also Black and just so happens to be the Mayor’s protégé. This political drama explores the conflicts that arise when aspirations collide across a generational divide marked by sharply different political agendas.

BEATBOX: A Raparetta, Drama/Comedy 
By Dan Wolf & Tommy Shepherd, Directed by Rachel Hemphill Dickson  
Rehearsal Dates: 4/7 - 5/8/20
Production run: 5/9 - 6/7/20

Needed: 2 Males, 2 Women1 Male or Female strong dancer, (1) Male or Female deejay. (all roles age 17-35 yrs)
All ethnicities are welcome.  Ages 18-35.  All persons welcome who are energized by the following elements of hip hop: DJ-ing, MC-ing, b-boying.  Please be prepared to present hip-hop expertise if asked.  Experience with spoken word and poetic text a plus. 
A separate audition for this production has already passed and we are no longer considering actors for this production.

BEATBOX: A Raparetta is a modern dramatic musical production written and performed in rhythm and rhyme with vocal drumbeats (beatboxing), hip hop dance and a live DJ! The play is soaked in the beat and the heat of hip-hop culture. It provokes a sense of desperation held at bay. The powerful rap rhymes built from equal parts of anger and hope; and the constant threat of violence. The focus is on the lives of two stepbrothers, and the circumstances that begin to pull them apart, as they navigate through loss, jealousy, poverty, and dreams. 

Respect: A Musical Journey of Women
By Dr. Dorothy Marcic
Directed & Choreographed by Patdro Harris, Musical Direction by Chika Kaba Ma’atunde
Rehearsal Dates: 5/19 - 6/19/20
Production Dates: 6/20 - 7/26/20

**Must Be Strong Singers and Dancers for Musicals**
Needed: 3 AA Women (25 to 45 yrs), 1 Caucasian Woman (25 to 45 yrs)

Respect, a resonating anthem of solidarity and empowerment in times of struggle and evolution was burned into the hearts of women by Aretha Franklin, Queen of Soul. A story told through Top-40 music, Respect: A Musical Journey of Women combines excerpts of 60 songs with women's own stories about finding dreams, lost love, relationship issues, entering the workforce, gaining independence, and more. Songs such as "Someone to Watch Over Me," "I Will Survive," "I Will Follow Him," "These Boots are Made for Walking," and "What's Love Got to Do with it" gave insight to the thoughts, emotions, and actions of women around the world.