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Group Rates and House Buy Out Information

Box Office Ticketing Hours:
Monday - Friday Noon - 5:00PM

Season tickets are a great way to experience The Ensemble Theatre with invitations to special events and discounts at our partner restaurants.



The Ensemble Theatre is always excited to receive groups as our guests. We look forward to your participation in our intermittently held focus group and dialogue exchange sessions.

We encourage you to add us to your activities list for those who may be affiliated with the following: Book Clubs; Church; Civic Organizations; Professional Associations; School Clubs; Fraternities or Sororities; etc.

Group rates do not apply to opening night performances or the last week of the run.

(Ticketing policy: No Refunds, No Exchanges, No Child Under 6, and No Late Seating)

The Ensemble Theatre reserves the right to fill any unclaimed seats 15 minutes prior to the start of the show -
Please ensure your group members are present and on time

Group Preview
20–100+ people
Group Thurs. 7:30 pm/ Sat. 2pm
20–100+ people
Group Fri./Sat. 8 pm
20–100+ people
Group Sun. 3 pm
20–100+ people

You can save up to 43% by attending a performance as a group. Specific group rates will vary depending on the day, time, and musical or non-musical performances.

Preview Performances
Each show has three preview dates to allow the production/artistic staff to critique the show before Opening Night. Our preview performances are our most popular show dates for groups and organizations because of the reduced price ,but house buy outs are available for any show except Opening Nights.

Payment Option
A 50% non-refundable deposit and a signed group sales agreement to be completed with our Box Office staff is required to reserve your date with the remaining balance due one month prior to the date of your reservation.

Tickets are not held without payment of a deposit or paid in full.

Buy Out the House
Preview Non-Musicals
Thursday Evening, Sat. & Sun. Matinees Non Musical
Friday/Saturday Evening (Non-Musicals)
Preview Musicals
Thursday Evening, Sat. & Sun. Matinees Musical
Friday/Saturday Evening (Musicals)
Buying out the house for a performance will entitle your group / organization to 190 tickets and use of the front lobby area for a private reception. Your private reception details will be handled by our Event Coordinator once you’ve completed a group sales contract with the Box Office.
2019-2020 Musicals: More than Christmas; Respect: A Musical Journey of Women
2019-2020 Non-Musicals: School Girls or, The African Mean Girls Play; The Green Book; Beatbox: A Raparetta; Autumn